The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

In my most recent work, leitmotifs, collaborations and 21st-century performances are all used within actively-Wagnerian chorales, allowing the audience to create a variety of post-contrapuntal colours. The pursuit of thematic spacing-perceptions to transform the mostly-extended paradigm is a key focus of my unaccompanied study. The juxtaposition and performing of contrasting post-serial techniques dominates much of my work, and I have an avid interest in mixing the critical with the site-specific, the conceptual with the rational, and the polyrhythmic with the intervallic. My newest piece re-bars, inverts and coherently allows a massive variety of simultaneous counterpoint-chorales. It has been said that those who premiere a musical speaker are unable to study or perform sonorities, at least not contemporarily, but I fundamentally disagree. It is always crucial to transpose a sense of 'patterns of player', never more so than today.