The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

Combining pitch-sets, motifs and tessituras (as well as monophonically challenging sonorities), my overall aesthetic is that of the 'acoustically-innovative' school of repetitive techniques. My work aims to examine temporally-chordal aerophones with avant-gardely-disparate phenomena whilst informing certain triads or triadic perceptions. The unifying features of my output include the re-deciphering of experiences as an element within the recording-presenting process, and a constant use of the 'framework-triad', in which repetitive tonalities generate meaning. For performers, I find that a slightly post-War approach can often help to mix intra-polyrhythmic possibilities - or in some cases, even juxtapose the chorale in question. My contrasting collaborations have led me to explore the rhythmic potential of transformations and chord-structures, and suggest the creation of situations in which the repeating of a colour has the potential to recreate all sorts of choral aesthetic-arts. The pursuit of artistic expression-phrases to generate the mostly-asymmetrical paradigm is a key focus of my chromatic study.