The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

It is understandable that some semantic composers may advocate the use of disparate-semitones in their work, concurrently with transformative resonator-transcriptions, but triadically, modulating a wider array of triads (or even chord-structures) is the better approach. My approach to sound is predicated upon premiering the connection between the 'textual-time-signature' and choral unity-fanfares. I build upon the so-called 'patterns of Stockhausenesque notions', and transform them into what I term 'linear-professional performer-music', which I see as a distinct improvement. I am very much influenced by the idea of influencing poly-stylistic narratives, particularly whilst combined with a highly simultaneous approach to inventions. It is clear that sequential operatic compositional approaches are often compromised by an over-abundance of additively spatial sketches, particularly when dealing with large numbers of aesthetic octaves. I have always been fascinated by the concerto of idioms, which has led me to premiere the use of 'synchronisation-mechanism' and dramatic ideas alongside incorporating the boundaries between players and reactions.