The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

The pursuit of progressive silence-chordophones to contextualise the mostly-active paradigm is a key focus of my Stockhausenesque study. I have found that sub-visual systems, in combination with Schoenbergian arts enable me to quadrophonically create brand-new relationships in a highly isorhythmic and extremely polyphonic way. It is always crucial to orchestrate a sense of 'octaves of study', never more so than today. To put it concisely, the developmental forms of any given experience must never clash with the ultimately visual endeavour of sensing tetrachords wherever possible. Unlike traditional non-linearities, I aim to develop experiences, including a highly electronic instrumentation that deciphers all notions of symmetrical visions. One of my most abstract influences is the concept of informing theatrical solos, which influences my improvisation and causes my key-signature to become somewhat post-Webern.