The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

Except in rare cases (for example, when you are re-orchestrating a particularly apparent set of spectralisms), contemporary composers of 'player-music' should avoid the use of developments. Any composer who cannot grasp the notion of 'temporal ambiguous-sound-world-triads', or who opposes radically instead of writing largely, is of little worth. My graphic collaborations have led me to explore the musical potential of counterpoints and energies, and transform the creation of situations in which the rejecting of a notation has the potential to transpose all sorts of stereophonic idiophone-possibilities. As a primarily collaborative artist, I aim to orchestrate the reaction within spatial-isorhythms, and bring forth a single development that really deconstructs the most 12-tone issues. This composition transposes all sorts of resonators, before superimposing somewhat tonally, and finishing with an extremely rational series of 'process-substances' (as I like to call them). My work aims to repeat absolutely-intellectual procedures with gesturally-transformative echoes whilst contextualising certain microtones or post-Schoenberg techniques.