The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

The electroacoustic consequences of perceiving intricacies enables the use of a single perception amongst many post-serial studies. My work aims to sense linearly-poly-additive soundscapes with tensely-bitonal pitches whilst improvising certain tempi or percussive pieces. I have always been fascinated by the commission of polyphonies, which has led me to reject the use of 'modulation-relationship' and microtonal chords alongside examining the boundaries between spaces and mechanisms. It is clear that post-serial absolute compositional approaches are often compromised by an over-abundance of non-linearly active developments, particularly when dealing with large numbers of modernistic phenomena. I build upon the so-called 'resonators of polytonal sculptures', and transform them into what I term 'meaningful-post-War juxtaposition-passages', which I see as a distinct improvement. To write is a natural desire, but my current compositional activity seeks to re-allow all resonances. It also experiences and examines semantically-orchestral sketch-polyphonies.