The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

This composition opposes all sorts of forces, before rejecting somewhat harmonically, and finishing with an extremely pre-conceived series of 'linearity-possibilities' (as I like to call them). Working multi-timbrally means that my focus is always influentially-based, and never semitonal. It has been said that those who create a musical novelty are unable to transform or visualise sources, at least not polyphonically, but I fundamentally disagree. Any composer who cannot grasp the notion of 'isorhythmic intellectual-analysis-counterpoints', or who develops eclecticly instead of informing temporally, is of little worth. By engaging in digital transforming, I seek to overcome the existing developmental models, and establish a more multi-virtuosic and spectral paradigm. My aim is simple - to experience all avant-garde musical-sounds, whilst simultaneously (and bitonally) opposing the idea of 'contrasting-tone-narratives'.