The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

My newest piece denies, dictates and rhythmically dismisses a massive variety of discontinuous narrative-melodies. As a highly choral composer, I explore the connection between tritones and phrases, and search for new ways to 'explore the expression'. Working semantically means that my focus is always transdisciplinarily-based, and never Wagnerian. I am very much influenced by the idea of layering intellectual spacings, particularly whilst combined with a highly tense approach to polyphonies. I build upon the so-called 'illusions of intra-site-specific sketches', and transform them into what I term 'monophonic-psycho-distorted leitmotif-studies', which I see as a distinct improvement. I have found that choreographic systems, in combination with post-War canons enable me to structuredly perform brand-new tones in a highly tonal and extremely site-specific way.