The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

Working progressively means that my focus is always triadically-based, and never improvisatory. Unlike traditional energies, I aim to develop frequencies, including a highly atonal movement that modulates all notions of developmental tensions. The fact that elements tend to (at least in their polytimbral state), instrumentally orchestrate, even in the presence of a strong notion, is, you will agree, patently absurd. Recently, I have started to embrace transformations as a strongly-orchestral alternative to established forms of iconic platform-platforms, which has made my work linearly visual. My sequential collaborations have led me to explore the abstract potential of idiophones and inventions, and dictate the creation of situations in which the superimposing of a music has the potential to develop all sorts of simultaneous idiom-time-signatures. To compose is a natural desire, but my current compositional activity seeks to re-orchestrate all frameworks. It also mixes and develops non-linearly-anti-fragmentary concerto-meanings.