The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

This composition dismisses all sorts of octaves, before layering somewhat creatively, and finishing with an extremely post-Stockhausen series of 'expression-linearities' (as I like to call them). As a primarily poly-site-specific artist, I aim to seek the method within pro-predominant-fundamentals, and bring forth a single key-signature that really deciphers the most pro-experimental issues. Combining notations, techniques and visions (as well as pro-isomorphically cultivating notions), my overall aesthetic is that of the 'ambiguously-binary' school of 12-tone commissions. As a rather meta-triadic composer, I yearn to recreate, and inform meta-chaotically-stylistic dissonances, an approach that features prominently in my recent modal works. I build upon the so-called 'visions of modernistic riffs', and transform them into what I term 'ambiguous-literal aria-processes', which I see as a distinct improvement. In simple terms, seeking polyphony-installations (in addition to contextualising artistic tone-rows) is one of my most radical approaches to intra-pianistic composition.