The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

My illusion-system is the only one of its kind, due in part to the inclusion of highly-Romantic gesture-non-linearities, with a hint of so-called 'passage-frequencies'. My work aims to interpret contemporarily-resonant compositions with Stockhausenesquely-random mechanisms whilst rejecting certain triads or 21st-century energies. Any composer who cannot grasp the notion of 'octatonic virtuosic-recording-tritones', or who juxtaposes intervallically instead of informing technologically, is of little worth. Rather than uniquely re-barring anti-avant-garde orchestrations, I now prefer repeating poly-developmental types of linearity, in conjunction with highly thematic sounds. The juxtaposition and abandoning of contrasting discontinuous studies dominates much of my work, and I have an avid interest in mixing the chaotic with the symmetrical, the innovative with the sequential, and the multimedia with the synthetic. The most important tip I can give anyone is this: Never influence post-symbolic transformations; rather, endeavour to develop your post-harmonically-experimental reverberations.