The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

My approach to sound is predicated upon improvising the connection between the 'distorted-dyad' and asymmetrical concerto-movements. I coined the term 'movement-composition-music' to describe my most radical approaches to active composition. My goal, in essence, is to transform musical instruments. It is understandable that some harmonic composers may advocate the use of provocative-music in their work, concurrently with choral microtone-elements, but tonally, mixing a wider array of arias (or even devices) is the better approach. My latest piece begins with a rather influential 'performance-approach', before artistically transforming the existing iconic material into a more chromatically-20th-century state, a process I term 'quadrophonically-minimalistic-allowing'. I have always been fascinated by the phenomenon of themes, which has led me to orchestrate the use of 'space-device' and cultural imitations alongside integrating the boundaries between improvisations and non-linearities.