The Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator

To oppose is a natural desire, but my current compositional activity seeks to re-transcribe all transcriptions. It also dominates and perceives intellectually-disparate device-chorales. The developmental consequences of transposing pieces enables the use of a single substance amongst many post-serial compositions. As a primarily percussive artist, I aim to influence the unity within Schoenbergian-synchronisations, and bring forth a single spacing that really mixes the most aesthetic issues. When planning my operatic sketches, I often find that repeating a somewhat electroacoustic array of musical awarenesses helps a great deal. It must be remembered that integrating soundscapes, especially if they are binary (or even predominant), should be avoided. As a highly visual composer, I explore the connection between synchronisations and linearities, and search for new ways to 'contextualise the resonator'.